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Funniest Family Game with Party Cups 🤣 | Funniest Family Game with Party Cups 🤣 | By Getti’s World | Go. Oh. Look at that. 20. Come on grandma. Oh I'm I'm oh Nothing. Nothing. This one. Whoo. Oh, I ripped it. Ooh, be careful. My bad. My bad. What what was that? It's a ten. Ten. Nice. Okay. So, so. Just so you know. Oh, egg under one of these. What'd you get? What'd you get? Nothing. Nothing. Oh my. Well I know that somebody's going to get something. Uh I'm going to go for I don't know this one. Woods go out. Oh it's a dollar. Did you get oh okay. I'll take it. I'll take it. Dollar's a dollar Emma. Let's go Grandma. Oh. It's okay. It's okay, mom. Ready? What'd you get? Hey. Oh, another ten. Wow, another ten. Let's go. Maximus raking it in. Yeah. My, is that a hundred? I got a hundred. Bro, a hundred? Wait, how much is it? By the way. I'm going to try for somebody. Ooh. Oh, that might have been it? Oh, no. Oh, man. Nothing? What'd you get? Nice. See? Yay. Alexander you're in the lead right? Yeah he's in the lead. I'm going to get this one right here. Hundred? Yeah. Mm. I'm going to get this. Is this the one? What'd you get? What'd you get? Something. What? Whoa. Not bad. 40 total. Not bad. I want to do this green one. What you get? Five bucks. Okay, guys. By the way, by the way, there is a surprise that's still remaining under these cups. Still. What? A big surprise. It's a big surprise, guys. A gift card? Whoo. Maybe, isn't it? Well, it's not a dollar. I'll take it though. I'll take it. Alright, grandma. You're turning in. Okay, grandma, grandma, grandma. Alright. Whoa. What'd you get? Yes, Nice. What is it? I don't know. $20. $20. Nice. 20. Okay. Who's next? Okay. I got it. I got it. I'm going to go for it. Yeah. By the way. The red one. Here it comes. The red one? Here it comes. Is this it? I'm going to do it with my left foot. Ready? One, two. Did it? Oh nothing. Dang. Okay I know I know which one I'm going for. Yeah right? I'm going for this purple one. Oh. They didn't complaining. You got a hundred No. Come on. Nothing. Me. Alright grandpa. Your turn again. Okay. Daddy. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. One slice. 100 bucks for Eddie. That was a red cup, right? Okay, who's going to get it? It's gotta be any one of these now. So she got a red cup and the red cup had 100 bucks. I'm going to do this one. Ready? Ooh is that it? Just a dollar. So that's not the big surprise guys. What's the surprise? I'm going to do this green. Is it auction? Is it like $200 maybe? I wish I got nothing. I ain't seen a hundred, right? Yeah. Okay. Alright. Uh. Your turn. Your turn. Who's going to get the big surprise? Oh. Is that it? Is it? Oh my. Damn. Come on. Uh. Okay. Okay. Okay. Whoa. I see money. 4, Five Nice. I think Xander's still in the lead. Okay. It's still out there. Any one of these. Okay. Okay. Can I do 10 and two? Can I jump into two? No. Oh. Two. One. Really? Alright. Oh, it's gotta be one of these. Alright. Oh, what was that? Sammy just won 200 bucks. Is that one here? 200 bucks. I'm going to do this one. Was it here? Yeah. There's probably a00 right next to this one. Oh. Surprise? That was the that's the big surprise. Seriously? Wow. Hey, we got money. No, those are. Oh my gosh. Xander, you want to buy her a pair of shoes? No, thank you. You want to go to the mall? No, those are pretty expensive. Let's go to the mall. Okay. See you guys.
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