ATOR: How to make 3d scan with pictures and the PPT GUI

ATOR: How to make scan with pictures and the PPT (Python Photogrammetry Toolkit) GUI

Open Source Photogrammetry: Ditching 123D Catch

Open Source Photogrammetry: Ditching Catch – We Did Stuff

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Notes on use of open source alternatives to Catch

Brekel Kinect (free) bvh capture

Brekel Kinect (free) bvh capture

Kinect BVH Motion Capture

Kinect BVH Motion Capture

Introducing itSeez3D

When Apple acquired PrimeSense, the sensing company that invented the Kinect, there was no immediate indication as to how Apple would take advantage of the team and its technology.

Blendshape Creation, Animation & FacePlus - Mixamo Webinar

Chantel, Justin and Dan walk you through the process of creating blendshapes for animating on your own or with FacePlus! Mixamo saves countless hours of work.