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BTS kicked off their 2 week Festa celebration with a cute little skit where the boys taunted fans with what was to come. They've released a whole slew of amazing photographs from the past year showing just how close the group truly is!


BTS Love Yourself HER L version photo concepts Suga V Jungkook Jimin Jin J Hope Rap Monster Min Yoongi Jeon Jungkook Kookie Chim Chim Nam Joon Hoseok Taehyung Tae Tae 방탄소년단

RapMon | I loved (and still do) his purple hair... he looks amazing in it

Today, this beautiful man told us to eat lots of nutritious vegetables, Omega 3 and Magnesium. He is the cutest bean, I love Kim Namjoon TT

namjin, yoonseok, jikook

BTS is updating their family photo album with some great new shots for this year! As part of the group's BTS Festa" celebrations that are leading up