Milena Kiernowicz
Milena Kiernowicz
Milena Kiernowicz

Milena Kiernowicz

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Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago

Visit and become an ambassador of your architecture school!…

PLAZA DE DALÍ (AVENIDA DE FELIPE II) Rather than a square, the Plaza de Dalí or Avenida de Felipe II is a complex space of great urban value in the center of Madrid. In spite of this, the area’s poor paving had turned it into an inhospitable...

Crows Dispersion Action

Crows Dispersion Action. Actions. $3.00

Illuminated seesaws light up Place Des Festivals in Montreal

At the Place Des Festivals 2015 in Montreal, these illuminated seesaws stole the show. The project, titled “Impulse”, spawned as a collaboration between CS Design and Lateral Office in Toronto. The installation involved 30 seesaws and video projections on building facades. According to the organizers, “Once in motion, the built-in lights and speakers produce a harmonious sequence of sounds and lights, resulting in a constantly evolving ephemeral composition.”


Gridscaps Series True Divided Light Factory Windowpane Sliding Shower Door installed on white subway tile. Responsive Home Project, Farmhouse Inspirada in Henderson, NV

Results of the Europan 12 Architecture Competition :: experimental architectures / Koum Kapi Competition (2nd Prize)

Marble Backgrounds & Styles

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