Maja Kiczkajło

Maja Kiczkajło

Maja Kiczkajło
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Kpop meme

I always say to myself I can deal with it and I'm ready but then. I'm on the verge of dying with feels~ XD>>> YAS. I FEEL U.

When you struggle to keep your tears in because you just have to be happy for Kris

this made me emotional really like omg no joke im tearing up... wait no I'm crying now! It's been months but the overwhelming feels!

Well now I'm just gonna go to bed.and cry myself to sleep.but I'm glad that Kris did because I just want him to be happy:). *way to end it with a cheesy line.

excuse me while I go cry...We are one, we are EXO

Bro, yes! I got into EXO after Kris and Luhan left but I saw EXO showtime and all other variety shows with all 12 of them! And now when I think of EXO I think of the 12 not just It forever breaks my heart!