Donnie Darko: "Life isn't that simple. I mean who cares if Ling Ling returns the wallet and keeps the money? It has nothing to do with either fear or love.

Master of sex

Sex becomes less spontaneous as relationships develop, fact.


Spartacus Blood & Death - 13 Epic Character Sendoffs - Good article on some spectacular deaths

Days of Summer To start off Aw Yeah Chick Flicks, I have the image that is used in the movie Days of Summer for day Enjoy.

Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega (Uma Thurman and John Travolta) Pulp Fiction

Léon: The Professional - Luc Besson directed a movie in 1994 which remains one of the movies I watch over and over all the time. A bad ass Jean Reno and a cute Natalie Portman put this film among the one of the best films with Vengeance theme.

Titanic, Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio I'll never let go