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Kacper Skierkowski

Kacper Skierkowski
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Mosin nagant I would never do this to a piece of history but since this guy did it's pretty cool

bolt-carrier-assembly: “ coffeeandspentbrass: “ cerebralzero: “ “ очередной напиллинг: mpopenker ” Nice ” Nice ” The muzzle looks like a grenade launching spigot ”

American Rifleman | Exploded View: Mosin-Nagant Model 1891 Family Of Rifles

Designed by Russian Colonel Sergei Mosin, the Model 1891 rifle’s designation reflects the year of its adoption. And while it employed a magazine system patented by Belgian designer Leon Nagant, in Russia it was simply known as the Model 1891 Mosin.

the best air purifying system ever!

the best air purifying system ever! It is still not good in an oxygen deficient atmosphere such as a burning building or a confined space full of fumes that displace oxygen.

Metro 2033 - Universal Charger

Hey guys I just modeled (hipoly) of battery charger from Metro 2033 for my upcoming big-ass texturing tutorial!

ArtStation - "Tihar" Air rifle, Artem Osadchiy

Post-nuclear hand made air rifle. Fun art of game "Metro Low-poly Polycount: polygons triangles Textures: x