Hobbist artist working on improvement
Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika Kenaareor

I thought if i should place this one on sites other than DeviantArt... So this is my drawing of another artist (Roxynight) photography. Original piece:

Finally! Well this one took quite some time (like aparently every stuff i upload here) but I realised the improvement jumps between some pieces and this one aparently is one of them as well. I will not lie - I am happy with this one and awaiting next piece i make hoping to jump as well as far as possible. Hope you enjoy and I would apreciate if you left a constructive criticism comment (or any other :D) if you may.

So I wanted to paint him for quite some time, and finally I've focused on this one. Had to do that flashy smile ;). He's deffinitelly funniest character in the game and for my taste he has got too small attention so here is my take on him. Hope you enjoy ^_^.

Talon illustration with some studies included in there done few days ago.

Study of an eye digital painting and a result of it, done quite recently.

Some traditional art pastells piece done some time ago.

My entry for vindictus event - love triangle that happened in february this year.

Piece done some time ago taking tifa lockhart face - right profile.

Tifa lockhart left profile piece done some time ago.

Just an old piece of mine while i was starting taking digital art.