Roch Ryszard
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Vegvisir, the old viking compass for guidance. Surrounding runes: "not all who wander are lost."  Inguz in the middle: "where there is a will there is a way."  The 2 ravens Huginn and Muginn for wisdom.  Yggdrasil: "the tree of life."  Stands for Balance.  Supported by 2 runes of time: Jerah and Dagaz, both for decision making.  Meaning of this tattoo to me: every step i take toward balance is with a certain thought and memory, strengthened by Valknut and guided by Vegvisir and Inguz.

Vegvisir for guidance Ungiz for perseverance surrounding runes: "not all who wander are lost." Valknut for strength. Huginn and muginn for wisdom. Yggdrasil for balance. Jerah and dagaz for decision making.

two ravens tattoo on the back

We love all the dangerous and mysterious things especially when it comes to tattoos. One of the coolest tattoos with dark meaning is raven tattoo.