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RapMonster, JImin, J-Hope

Haha, I love these dorks and I am so glad that their not afraid to show their weird Side lol

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I never noticed the book was upside down! I'm not shocked though, sounds like something Taehyung would do. ---> that book is not upside down ! Anime or manga books open up the opposite way than actual books!

Jeon JungKookie BTS macro #funny

This is me a while ago, because she want me to introduce to her friend, a boy 😑

sehun & onew / exo & shinee [gif]

Sehun (EXO) with a death grip on Onew (SHINee). I can practically hear him whining "Hyung!" What's kind of funny is that Onew is the oldest of SHINee & Sehun is the youngest of EXO. Just kind of makes me chuckle.

☆ ONKEY!!! Adorable bbs ㅠㅠ

☆ ONKEY!!! Adorable bbs ㅠㅠ