STOCK - Mage 4 by *LaLunatique on deviantART

Something not too complicated to set my things up one with the handbag looks like a pose/attack Eileen from Silent .

Bodies Of Work: Volume 1

STOCK - Mage 2 by on @deviantART

Mage 2 by LaLunatique on deviantART

M2:: Simplified geometric pelvis and leg bones with one femur covered by the adductors, quadriceps, and gluteal group

A detailed drawing of the muscles of the leg

Generic-Male-101.jpg (800×1035)

The Clone Wars - Season 2


This site has some cool arm anatomy, especially about how it changes as it twists, which is often neglected in ref!

forzamentis: Fantastic hands references by the.

Hand and foot drawing design

arm muscles - Szukaj w Google

Muscles of the Arm


ArtStation - Daily Sketches Week Even Amundsen

mikikoponczeck: Useful refs by Vishstudio on. - Art References - muscles on 3 different men