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why do you have to look exactly like ariadne//w h y//i have never seen anything with this actress but she is almost my exact picture of ariadne//character

VIETNAM WAR - MEDIC CALLAHAN by manhhai, via Flickr

Medic James E. Callahan of Pittsfield Mass. gives mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a dying soldier in war zone D about 50 miles northeast of Saigon June 17

People prior to their execution by Germans.

People prior to their execution by Germans, WWII. I do not know if they were Jewish but they are the embodiment of misery.

Lee Miller- Execution

historicaltimes: “ These are Buchenwald concentration camp guards who received a beating from the prisoners when the camp was liberated by the American Army, April 1945 by Lee Miller.


Using the bodies of dead house flies, artist 'Flychelangelo' arranges them to create humorous situations. The dead flies can be seen.


<b>harland-miller-death-whats-in-it-for-me-web</b><br> colour screenprint, edition of x 66 cm (paper size)<br />Sold out <br style="clear: both;" /><br style="clear: both;