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How to Creatively Package Sauces

How to Creatively Package Sauces by Jade Moyano via Trendland curated by Packaging Diva PD. One of the most creative packaging designs and advertising campaigns I've

Complex vs Simple Carbs.  This explains what the difference between the two. Also which carbs are better nutrient wise and help your body to stay full longer which will help with appetite control and weight loss.

WE NEED CARBS! Complex vs Simple Carbs has become important since my need to refrain from sugar for health reasons has occurred. This is pretty much what my doctor explained to me.

Les 10 prints les plus brillants et créatifs du lundi ! #174 - Dans Ta Pub

Print advertisment created by Grey, India for Fortis, within the category: Health.


A mentally-tough athlete can train for an ultra-marathon in less than three hours a week. That’s the premise behind the new book “UltraMental.” We talk to the author to learn more.

"The smoke coming out of the chimney is from the incense cone inside - it's a wee little incense pot."

Incense Pot Lodge - This mini lodge with chimney is made from wooden mortar and houses incense cones to help one relax. Just sit back and feel your stress melt away. Handmade from Sempre.

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PSA about smoking and what it does to your body. Organs are balloons next to a cigarette representing what smoking does to your organ, a balloon next to a cigarette and smoke wont last long, just like your organs won't last if you smoke

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Motivation - Best Fitness Motivation Site - The Day You Start Believing In Yourself is the day when everything will go your way

It's interesting to see the concept expressed by the use of simple image. The barcode is visualized as the window of prison, which show the concept of social issue.:

The barcode is visualized as the window of prison, which show the concept of social issue. This helps to portray the idea that consumerism is a prison that we all fall victim too