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Alec trains his adopted warlock son, Max Lightwood-Bane.

From becomingfoxes: Quick sketch of Little One and Chairman for Malec week . alexander 'alec' lightwood, magnus bane, the mortal instruments, chairman meow

Magnus Bane by on @deviantART

Another speedpaint from last night, and only three hours sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzz Magnus Bane, ZE WARLOCK from The Mortal Instruments. I drew Alec, so i might as well paint his other half speedpaint of .

Draco Malfoy by perselus << Wwooooooowww this is amazing!

Read Chapter Fourteen from the story Is This Love? (Draco Malfoy x Reader) COMPLETED by with reads.

Draco Malfoy

What about waistcoats instead of grey jumpers/cardigans. (I just wanted to try drawing Draco tbh. Maybe an year AU because epilogue, what’s epilogue)

Queen of Old by Achen089 on @deviantART

Susan Pevensie or Queen Susan the Gentle,one of my favourite characters from the Narnia Chronicles.Her (unfair) exclusion from Narnia after she started . The Forgotten Queen