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a person is drawing with crayons on a piece of paper
mixing pastels and water
an oil painting of a desert landscape
UNDERPAINTING PASTEL-your techniques?? - WetCanvas: Online Living for Artists
UNDERPAINTING PASTEL-your techniques?? - WetCanvas: Online Living for Artists
an abstract painting of trees in the sunset
Setting the Stage: Underpaintings for Pastels
a painting of a pine tree in the mountains
Pastel Tutorial | Broken Color Techniques
Learn how to create broken color effects in this pastel tutorial from Robert Carsten, a featured artist in the Oct 2011 issue of Pastel Journal.
Oil pastel cloud drawing
Pink poppies in the sunlight soft pastel
Soft pastel landscape painting of pink poppies in a meadow by Valerie McKeehan | wildflower landscape painting | original art
ASMR Soft pastels art- Landscape art- Flower painting by Zoe Lee
Soft pastels art- Artist- Painting idea- Landscape painting
How I store my soft pastel paintings so they don’t smudge
Difficulty: Easy You will need • Tracing paper pad • Soft pastel paintings
an abstract painting of grass and water in the foreground with orange, blue, and yellow clouds
British pastel master Tony Allain represented on Cape Cod exclusively at Gallery 31 Fine Art — Gallery 31 Fine Art
Painting a glowing sunrise in soft pastel
The three keys to making the sun glow ✨ • Darkness (there’s no light without the darkness, that’s why I like to start with a dark background) • Saturated, warm colors (I used bright orange and yellow) • Lighter values added on top of the saturated colors + a pop of white
an abstract painting of purple, green and yellow flowers in the foreground with blue sky above
HOME • Melissa McKinnon Art
“From Here I Can Go Anywhere” (Detail Image) MELISSA MCKINNON Contemporary Abstract Landscape Artist features BIG COLOURFUL PAINTINGS of Aspen & Birch Trees, Rocky Mountains and stunning views of the Canadian prairies, big skies and ocean beaches. Western Art.
Escape with me into a field of lavender 💜 Lavender field of Provence soft pastel landscape
See all all available original artwork here:
an abstract painting of pink flowers and trees
an abstract painting of trees and water
Hunting Island
Magical Path Soft Pastel Painting
I just love painting dappled light! So magical. This was created on Sennelier’s La Carte sanded paper with various soft pastels.
erin kate archer art
Painting with pastels -Bethany Fields
a drawing of a pink flower with green leaves
Welcome October
Canyon Pastel Painting - Soft Pastel
Cloud scene painting in soft pastel
Calming lavender field landscape painting in soft pastel by Valerie McKeehan
Drawing Sky Using Pastel
Make your hand feels enjoyable to create your masterpiece by using the best tools, nice art supplies to enjoy the process, visit link and find the supplies you need
Large commissioned cloud and meadow soft pastel painting
Creating a glow peeking through the trees
some art work is laying out on the table
Cloud meditations in soft pastel by Valerie McKeehan
A mindul moment getting lost in the clouds creating these soft pastel studies. Original art by Valerie McKeehan. Learn more in the Magic Makers Membership
an abstract painting of flowers and leaves
La Reand#770;verie
an abstract painting with flowers in purple, pink and green colors
Glowing scene of late summer flowers in soft pastel by Valerie McKeehan
Roses in oil pastels
a painting of red roses on a blue and yellow background with watercolors in the foreground
Angie Arbuthnot
an abstract painting of colorful flowers in a vase
Portfolio of Works: PETALS
Rouge et Bleu by Anne Kindl, Pastel, 12 x 10
an abstract painting of flowers in a vase
Peand#769;tales Chrysanth�me
How I Draw Realistic Painting | Tutorial Realistic Painting
an abstract painting of pink and purple flowers
some crayons are laying on top of a piece of paper with watercolors
How I Draw Realistic Painting | Tutorial Realistic Painting