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a red and yellow flower painted on white paper
WUNSCHBRIEFE - Kurse und Workshops für Kalligrafie und Handlettering
an open book with colored pencils next to it and some watercolng pens
Lena • mixed media art (@lenamoz) • Fotos y videos de Instagram
an art project with watercolors and paintbrushes on a wooden table next to it
Anastasia Mily on Instagram: "A little escape into the magical world of watercolour ✨🧡💛💗💚💙✨ #watercolour #watercolor #aquarelle #watercolorvideo #watercolors #watercolorsketch #watercolorsketching #landscapepainting #tinypainting"
an abstract painting with blue and white designs on it's walls, including a birdcage
Deep blue in my art journal — Laly Mille Mixed Media Art
An art journal is a wonderful playground to experiment with new colors and ideas. It’s a great way to expand your creative comfort zone! Here is a new page where I’ve been playing with deep, dark blue.
a woman sitting at a table holding an open book with watercolors on it
How to paint easy watercolor clouds!
Difficulty: Easy Supplies • watercolor • watercolor paper • brush • paper towel
an ink drawing of a flower on white paper with black and brown accents, sitting on a wooden table
Purple watercolor splatter painting
Let’s paint this spring landscape in 15mins!
Difficulty: Medium 300gsm watercolour sketchbook • Mop brush, round brush and a flat brush •
an abstract painting with blue and gold colors on a white canvas, sitting on a wooden easel
Abstract Flowers Studies - Luisa Holden