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THEY'VE GOT A CAT. YUSH. Kylo Ren was definitely the one asking Hux if he could keep it. XD

Supreme Leader Snoke will not be pleased you forgot to clean the litter box" - General Hux and Millicent from Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens. I found this like this and I almost died no joke

oh look there he goes ruining my life ;-;

because everybody hates his mask-Rey,Han Solo,Snoke and even Adam Driver himself - Kylo destroyed it.such a shame!

Adam Driver - My birthday twin! (Different years but close enough)

(Adam Driver) I'm Corpse, one of the officers of the law hunting down any of those little suckers running around in the desert. Also, don't question my name, my parents are probably more cultured than you are.

Love him!

“Just as there are directors who can take up a lot of air and space,” J. Abrams told me by phone, “there are actors who can do the same. I could imagine a version of an actor whose process is about.