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Five styles of 1930s men's jackets.

n the the athletic body seen in boxers and superman became the ideal men’s shape. Clothing reflected this new shape with extra broad shoulders, thin waists, and tapered legs.

1926 - menswear YES, YES, AND YES!!!!

The or Black Men In Hats: Vision: Angels Do Speak! it looks like the or with Black men in hats & coats, it reminds me of pictures of The Cotton Club.

Men's millinery, 1880-1920

Men's hat poster including: the top hat for formal attire, bowler hat (soft felt with a rounded crown), straw boater (soft felt hats with a rounded crown for the summer), and homburg hat (wool with a single dent in the middle)

1920s Fashion for Men & Boys

Ulster Overcoats This winter’s cold weather has reminded me that I’d really like to acquire a classic Ulster overcoat sometime this year. An Ulster is a long, double-breasted overcoat, usually made.

James Roosevelt, son of President and Mrs. Roosevelt, 1930s. Served second in command of 2nd Marine Raider Battalion "Carlson's Raiders".  Gung Ho!

PAST PREP - Harvard Crew Captain 1938 - Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jr. American lawyer, politician, & businessman, fifth child of U. President Franklin D. Roosevelt & his wife Eleanor.