Krzysztof Ballion

Krzysztof Ballion

Sorry, I am not a David Bowie.
Krzysztof Ballion
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the Arsenal Flat in Paris designed by h2o architectes

The Arsenal Flat in Paris // architectes designed the Arsenal Flat in Paris for a couple that have two children. The apartment isnt your typical design. The interior is laid out to include three connected living spaces that.

Gentle Objects by Martin Mestmacher |

GO by MM (Gentle Objects by Martin Mestmacher) is a hot new line of steel-framed furniture that celebrates minimalism, geometry and thin black lines.

♡M o n i q u e.M

An office isn’t an impossible dream in case you have a very small apartment. It’s really the easiest solution for a house office! To put it differently, you must use your house office j…