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Most snakes take off when they sense humans nearby, not these guys, they're like..What do you want?! Come closer, I have something for you!

Rattle snakes are known for there rattle telling you to back off. Rattle snakes flatten there bodies to collect rain water to drink during dry periods.

anaconda serpent - Recherche Google

anaconda serpent - Recherche Google

Rattlesnake Bite…  Do’s & Don’ts if you are bit by a rattlesnake. Did you know that you should not use a snake bite extractor pump?

The Diamond back rattle snake is the deadliest snake in North America. With enough venom to kill 20 men not many recover from bites. The rattle snake can lunge at you with a speed the speed you can see.

Man’s perfect Aussie reaction to snake attack. His reaction seems pretty reasonable to me. Probably would have woken my kid up though. Then again, I did spend some of my formative years in Yeppoon

A QUEENSLAND man has reacted to a deadly snake bite in the most Australian way — by grabbing a cold beer from the fridge.