Hector Barbosa
Hector Barbosa
Hector Barbosa

Hector Barbosa

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Russian Lada Niva 2121 (1979)

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Rule of thumb guides best workbench height | There’s no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to workbench height. An inch or two plus or minus can make a big difference, depending on how your bench will be used. The standard height of 34″ matches most tablesaw heights. Make your workbench height the distance from the floor to your first thumb knuckle, with your arms hanging relaxed at your sides.

Funny road signs and funny warning signs: Go Ahead. Drink and Drive: Jail, Hospital Morgue!

Cat memes You have been warned...

Just remove warning labels to rid the world of stupid people.

Awesome Tool box Decal for your Craftsman, Matco, Mac Sockets bag Klein, Snap on

WARNING...Tampering with my TOOLS May Result In An Ass Whoopin' You'll Never Forget!

Burt Munro Riding a standard model 500MSS Velocette, won 2nd place in the N.Z. Grand Prix held at Cust 1938.