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katrina mat
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Let me out! I have to peeeeee.....!

We have a door just like this into the livingroom that we keep closed and Meiko does this exact same thing. he jumps the door and climbs it reminiscent to diddy kong and then squawks loudly at us to let him in haha

✮ Reflection of Sunbeams at Sunset

Using reflections in photography can produce some awesome effects and amazing photos. This can be achieved with the help of some kind of window, mirror, water or any other type of reflective surface. Reflections can transform a usual image into .

Glacier National Park, Montana.

Glacier National Park Sun Crowned Falls - Glacier National Park, Montana – Alex Filatov Triple Falls is a hidden location among the alpine meadows dubbed the Hanging Gardens in Logan Pass, Glacier National Park, Montana. This stunning waterfall is als