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Canning Pears: The Perfect Way to Preserve Your Harvest!

Canning pears, especially for those with a pear tree, is a great way to lower waste and keep the fruit delicious all year. It’s the next best thing to fresh, and it’s easy to learn! tells all!

How to Freeze Apples and Pears and Keep them Fresh | Lehman's

Learn how to freeze your apples and pears with no browning of the fruit! Blogger Kendra tells all in this absolutely must read post.

How to Can: Pears

I have been canning for a little over two years. I jumped into the waters a little cautiously, but it didn't take long until I was addicted. Shelves and shelves of our very favorite fruits and vegetables all beautifully resting in glass jars. Perfectly lined up in rows. Row upon row. I mean what is not to love! One of our favorite canned fruits is pears. Oh mercy me, they are so delightfully yummy. Pears are a little time intensive to can, but once you get the hang of it, well it isn't that…

Old-Fashioned Pear Brown Betty

It's that time of year when fresh fruits and vegetables are readily available, which includes deliciously sweet pears. These tasty morsels are fabulous in many different desserts, but you just can't beat this recipe for Old-Fashioned

Fresh Pear Pie Bars

Fresh Pear Pie Bars are delicious, made with juicy Bartlett pears with a creamy, custard-like filling, then topped with a crunchy, streusel like topping.

How To Make Peach Jam

Here are easy instructions on how to make peach jam as well as how to water bath can peach jam. Watch the video instructions on how to make homemade peach jam and you will have a delicious way to enjoy summer fresh peaches all year long. This is an easy recipe for making peach jam.

How to Can Whole and Halved Fresh Pears

Canning pears, whether whole or halved, is a simple process that yields delicious fruit long after the harvest is over. Follow our tips for canning!

Cinnamon Red Hot Canned Pears Recipe

We moved to a small farm with an established orchard almost two years ago, and I was so excited for the peaches and apples. The pears, howe...

FRESH PEAR CAKE - The Southern Lady Cooks - Delicious Recipe

This Fresh Pear Cake recipe is easy to make and one you will enjoy many times in the future. Pear cakes are delicious and a family favorite.

Amish Fried Pears - One Ash Homestead

Autumn brings us a whole new list of produce to use in our kitchen creations. This recipe will warm you up with the delectable texture of sweet, fried pears.

Canned Spiced Vanilla Pears Recipe

When we moved to the farm, one of the things we loved the most was the established orchard. Building an orchard is expensive and can take y...