Avocado Hummus - so creamy. So easy. You'll love this dip!

Every garden party needs a good dip! Try this avocado hummus recipes. So creamy and so easy to make. You'll love this dip!

Skinny fries seasoned with rosemary and lemon!

Fries with Lemon Salt & Rosemary. (Fryer recipes is not always the best choice, this recipe is a side dish I'm going to try & control myself.I love lemon salt).

Vegan Tuscan Rigatoni

Vegan Tuscan Rigatoni

Use GF pasta-This vegan Tuscan Rigatoni is perfection! Garlicky spinach and sun dried tomatoes cooked in white wine and mixed with cashew cream, tossed with rigatoni!

Panda Bread

DIY panda bread featured on Perfect Pandas is a homemade work of art. This bread is made from a simple bread dough that is divided into three separate batches. One ball of dough is flavored with green tea powder, the other one cocoa powder and

Spicy Pepperjack Mexican Pinwheel Sandwiches

Spicy Pepper Jack Mexican Pinwheels

Caprese Pops! Must. Try. These.

Caprese Pops - Hors d'oeuvres on a stick. Scoop out the center of the cherry tomato. Scoop tiny mozzarella balls and stuff inside the tomato. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle with basil and lemon zest.

czyli o tym, że zdrowe jedzenie nie musi być nudne :): Sałatka z burakiem i orzechami włoskimi

FIT przepisy: Sałatka z burakiem i orzechami włoskimi ND)

Pumpkin, Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza

Pumpkin, Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza


I just wanted to share a few cute pictures of panda rice balls! They look so cute, who would want to eat them? Also, I added an extra bonus video teaching you how to make these cute panda rice balls!