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I crave the most innocent parts of a relationship. Like holding hands and forehead kisses and being able to tell someone how much I absolutely adore them. I just crave you 💙

Je suis descendu ''en ville'' y'a mon collègue qui m'avait prêté des livres. On a mangé ensemble je lui ai rendu. Je vais aller faire deux courses. Et retourner dans ma tanière. Et toi ? Que fais tu ? Comment vas tu ?

Here's your forehead kiss. I love you and I hope you have very sweet dreams and that you sleep very well. I can't wait to call and ask your big momma if I can come see you Tuesday. I love you and miss you.

Be kind but leery of all, demons see kindness as light, they are drawn to it as moths are. tm

Photography page: For Photography Board? When the pages of my life end, I know that you will be one of its most beautiful chapters.