Mitbringsel: Rocher-Sekt-Ananas

Wrap a bottle of wine and create a ferrero rocher pineapple Mitbringsel: Rocher-Sekt-Ananas

the conservatory (1985) by david bates

'The Conservatory' by American artist David Bates Oil on canvas, via the Met, NY

Brisseaux - Acid Fashion series. Really intrigued by this guy's work!

heroinchiq: senyahearts: Cara Delevingne in “Ladies of London” for W Magazine, October 2014 Photographed by: Alasdair McLellan In Point

kate moss

Kate Moss photographed by Denzil McNeelance, 1993 I love those old school Adidas Gazelles.

Kate Moss

DIY Cupcake Holders

i realy like the Idea of this maniupulative image. the technique could be used in many different places and contexts. Overlaying/blending different types of images - maybe even funny ones - could then be applied to a projection