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Marceli i Bryk

things related to "Marceli and Bryk" comic strips. There's ENGLISH TRANSLATION UNDER each strip on the original comic page!! (the one it's pinned from)
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TRANSLATION: - You know I would do anything for you? - Dust the carpet for me. ... - *I say!* I was thinking about a declaration of highest sacrifice in the days of zombie apocalypse. - My hero. #marceli #bryk #4koma #yonkoma #comic #strip #funny #chibi

- Quick, Marceli ! Eat a Snickers! - And do tell why? - Cause you're not yourself. - Better? - Better !! #comic #yonkoma #4koma

TRANSLATION: - Princess turned into frog !! - How can you tell it's not a common, nasty frog? - It has a little crown. #4koma #yonkoma #chibi #princess #frog #comic

#pokemon #pokeball #marceli #game

TRANSLATION: Bryk says something that sounds like gibberish to many people (something like: "I go to xxxx to xxxx the xxxx"). - Bryk's schedule, let's see... 1 - clean up the office, 2 - throw out garbage, 3 - speak Silesian cant. - Well, all's correct then. #4koma #yonkoma #komiks #chibi

TRANSLATION: - How do you call 5 pigs that play bowed string instruments? - Quiiiiiiintet! - I adore when you laugh from your own not funny jokes. - What?

TRANSLATION: (Title: Best argument) - What do you think about traditional books versus ebooks war? - Paper books win peremptorily. - Anyone who thinks otherwise is a total idiot. - We shall see what will they shovel in a furnace, when zombie apocalypse will break out !

TRANSLATION: - You think I'm not spontaneous? Well, watch this! - I'm gonna make one sandwich with natural cream cheese and second with paprykarz (Polish fish paste with rice, onion, tomato concentrate - only available as canned food) - And I'm gonna eat them by turns - bite after bite. Ha! - I'm not sure if I can live in such extreme tension #4kom #yonkoma #comicstrip #komiks #chibi

TRANSLATION: - Hmm, you need to write something about yourself on this profile. - Like: "I'm loveable and absolutely adorable" - "And whoever opposes - punch in the mug!"