Marceli i Bryk

things related to "Marceli and Bryk" comic strips. There's ENGLISH TRANSLATION UNDER each strip on the original comic page!! (the one it's pinned from)
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- Bryk, you can't go on diet! Without needless fat, you'll loose your optimal bryk-ulity! - You're talking nineteen to the dozen. - Am I? Or maybe you have not enough courage to be a fatty! - Be brave! Be Bryk!

- We're going to city office, finally you'll prove yourself useful. Remember - just stand still and smile to the ladies behind the counter. *nag-nag-nag* - Smile!

TRANSLATION: - Today I'm going to be rebellious and subversive. - I'll eat waffles with caramel instead of breakfast! - You're a wild thing, Bryk, a wild thing! - He did not even loose his tie.

*Monday* - Fat Tiger ! *Tuesday* - Pudding Donut ! - Can't you greet me more normally ?! - I can try. *Wendsday* - Bryk !

- Remember those windows, son. - Big one will always throw us something good. - But beware of the small one, he's as mean as a cat. *Shoo, stupid birds!* - What a crud! - I have this stupid feeling that somebody's backbiting me.

- Why don't we do something together tomorrow? - We could go to philharmonic. - Also, we haven't visit an art gallery since forever. - Sorry, son, but I promised Marceli that we will smash zombies on Playstation and spread lead until our eyes will fall out from our skulls. - He used to read poems.

- Attention, Humankind! The Great Marceli will now make a speech that summarizes his deep thoughts about world's burning problems. - Ahem. - Sucks ! - Go home in peace, wretched plebeians - the Great Marceli has spoken.

- You want plot twist?! Buy a book!

TRANSLATION: - Bryk had to gone out, so I will fill the whole comic today. - Enjoy!

TRANSLATION: - Have you seen my assistant? He's really beautiful, with long, brown hair, dressed like a spoiled aristocrat from past era. - Any special features? ... - An overhappy mug. - Ah, I think I saw him.

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