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Lady with crochet: Patchworkowe poduszki

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#crochet #crochetcushion OMG! I made a cushion exactly like this . . . same colors and design. I gave it to my mom who was very short. Every time we went out to eat the cushion went with us so she could sit on it to get up closer to the tables!

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How to make a crochet flower pillow

How to make a crochet flower pillow

Katzen Kissen häkeln - crochet cat pillow - Tutorial with pictures.

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Lady with crochet

This is a gorgeous and popular pattern that has been circulating around for years, written and re-written by many people, in this re-write I have used all American English crochet terminology, using “modules” of stitches to make it easier to understand the construction of the pattern. This is a really fun and easy pattern once you get the hang of it, and it works up quickly to make a really sweet gift for a baby or just about anyone…who doesn’t love a hand made soft snugly blanket? :)

Beautiful Shells Blanket

Crochet pillow granny square. No weird shaping, just seamed in a quadrant instead of the sides. I actually really like this approach to granny squares!

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Cat & Mouse Afghan Crochet Pattern

Picture of Cat & Mouse Afghan Crochet Pattern

Maggie's Crochet · Cat & Mouse Afghan Crochet Pattern

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Wildflower Crochet Lots Of Free Patterns

Never Ending Wildflower Crochet Pattern

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