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a card with an image of a person wearing a hat and the words krec sie jak watr on it
a green bird flying in the air over a flowery background with words frowag jak prak
a flower with the words poka jak rosine kwiat on it
a green frog sitting on top of a white sheet with flowers around it and the words skaaz jak zaba
a stork is standing in the middle of a frame with flowers on it
a card with an image of a water drop on it and the words poka - jak pada desz
an image of a green boot with the words preskiky kutuze on it
a cartoon character with a lightning bolt on it's face and the words badi jak byskawica
Pie Chart, ? Logo
four cards with different types of weather and clouds in the same language, each one has an
four cards with different words and pictures in the middle one has an octopus on it
Enamel Pins
przedszkolnepomysly.pl – serwis dla pedagogów przedszkolnych i rodziców
a poster with a wolf on it's back and the words zavy j jark
Karty ruchowe dla dzieci do druku - zwierzęta - RodzicielskieInspiracje.pl
four posters with different animals and words on them
Karty ruchowe ze zwierzętami
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