More ideas from Panna
Decoupage napkins onto tin cans and spray with sealant. Punch holes in sides to add a wire hanger.  Now wouldn't these be pretty in your gar...

Got left over tins? Re-cycle, re-use. Decorative Tins with napkin/serviette decoupage. Create some beautiful tins with wire, charms and a bit of napkin decoupage!

Decoupage paper flowers onto stones ... this is really pretty ... can embellish with painted stems, etc.

Decoupage rocks - Rocks with Flowers - cut out a flower pattern from a napkin, remove the thin top layer of the napkin, glue to the stone with napkin glue, let dry and then add one more layer of glue on top.

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

These carrots are made form homespun fabric. They have American green wood moss tips and measure 8 long not counting the tips. They are pictured in a basket but would look so charming on a spring plate or bowl. They are a set of six with no two alike.