"Fisherman" by Leon Wyczółkowski

Leon Wyczolkowski was one of the leading painters of the Young Poland movement. He painted dramatic landscapes and pastoral scenes with impressionist lighting effects like this "Paddling Fishermen"

Leon Wyczółkowski, Spring, 1931, in collection of National Museum in Bydgoszcz, photo: CC / Wikimedia

dreaminginthedeepsouth: Leon Wyczółkowski, Spring in Goscieradz 1852 - 1936 (via fullbloom)

Krakow  -  Leon Jan Wyczolkowski 1877-79  Impressionism

Krakow , View from the Castle - Leon Jan Wyczolkowski , 1906 Polish, Oil

Leon Jan Wyczolkowski (1852-1936) - Digging Beets, 1903

Leon Wyczółkowski leading painter of polish realizym, also professor of Fine Arts Academy. He is known for painting landscapes, nudes and flowers.

Leon Wyczółkowski, Self-portrait in flat cup, photo: CC / Wikimedia

Leon Wyczółkowski - An exceptional painter, graphic artists, and sculptor;