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IBOOTH features an innovative enclosure designed to provide privacy in a public spaces. Offering both sound dampening and solitude without obstructing visibility to the surrounding space. A small footprint allows iBooth to be easily placed in lobbies, passing through public and semi public areas. Ideal locations include collaborative and common areas, connecting corridors, lobbies, and public and private spaces. Visit our website, http://www.peterpepper.com/ibooth to learn more about IBOOTH.

Acoustic Office Furniture | Privacy Furniture Booths

Buzziblinds Acoustic Screens

Note Design Studio killing it (again) with their new line of products for 2013.

Room divider by Buzzispace #acousticalsolutions

Idea for an Open Plan Office.

BuzziSpace BuzziCockpit

MixMax acoustical divider in foamed PVC and wool felt by ICF Group.

Menu-Felt-Panel RE BLOG by Rosesandpepper.com

Jin Kuramoto designs petal-shaped Wind room dividers for "acoustically chaotic" spaces