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i like the style of this image i find it interesting because of the interlocking of two different hands. (by Aleplesch. Hand in hand, interracial relationships, black and white couple)

The Art Of Black And White Photography

Bologna style by Domenico Di Carlo on Writing prompt: James had saved money all summer to buy the bike; his dad was surprised to find it, still leaning against the stone wall, just as James had left it the night before.

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i'm a lost soul stumbling over each stepping stone ; falling into each pit awaiting me ; and slaming my head into the cold ground : i'm worn out of all the bruises that cause me to bleed .

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Definitely a Fata place idea Stephen Emerson, Ireland: This group of trees known locally as ‘the dark hedges’ are thought to be around 300 years old. They are reputedly haunted by a ‘Grey lady’ and form an arc over the road.