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Uchiha's Eyes

Karins kid has sakuras eyes! (Sarcasm) how do some mother fuckers still believe that's karins child

OC questions. Comment! I won't get to draw her right now, because of reasons, but I'll draw her later today. :D

Comment a number and any of my (non pony) OCs (Alarm counts as a non-pony OC) and I'll draw it. Any numbers except 2 and I'll do genderbent ONLY if it's an OC who had a gender. Some of my OCs are non-binary so I am unable to do them genderbent.

Drawing ideas

Drawing ideas

Storm, Thunder, Lightning, Izotz, Altair, Gunju, Dube, Anubis, Azar, Ren, River, Tempest, Marji, Leona, Nebit, Kineta, and Simon are all my OCs.

Comment and say Starlett, Kiki, Sanddune, or John (my friend's dragon/Phoenix oc in my mc book) and I'll try to include some info and get it to you!