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Zofia Kasińska

Zofia Kasińska
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I love Nicolas’ photographs so much. They are quiet, peaceful and unpretentious. Hope he’ll get back to taking pictures and publish his own book one day… Photographs by Nicolas Poillot Marion

This black brick building has a 'crack' in it to reveal the entrance. On a smaller scale it would be stunning on a home

This black brick building in Korea has sections of curved brickwork that expose the entrances, and also curve down to meet the sidewalk.

*캐나다 도시적 상징물로서의 교회-[ GIMENO GUITART ] SANTA MARIA PARISH CENTER :: 5osA: [오사]

The new Church of Santa Maria Assumpta in Tarragona, emerges as a hard-skinned rock in the urban scene. The design of the church is articulated around two ma.