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“Also i did this bc last time i said the names people started a fucjonh riot so they have no proof who im talking ab”

Dan and Phil

Dan and Phil met baymax. i want to met him! Cant wait to see this Danisnotonfire amazingphil

Dan and Phil on a plane<<<<is Dan reading a childrens book?>>>Dan reading The Hungry Caterpillar is my aesthetic

Dan and Phil craft

remember that time when, unbeknownst to them, Dan and Phil single-handedly created a meme in an April Fool's Day…

I love the arched eyebrow in the first pic

I love how in the first one he's like extreme shock phil wut o lord and then he just starts smirking XD

Basically, yeah

30 day drawing challenge- Day Falling Over (digital painting) The iconic chair incident with and Find the rest of the challenge (here)

sorry. rant/fan girl moment over. for now.... ITS COMING BLOODY HECK I CANT WAIT

That litrally happens to us daily. I'm just sitting there living my life when Phil just jumps up and runs out of the room, like what do you think your doing Mr.