Stop knocking on the door that was slammed shut in your face. Accept it, you have nothing to prove, and they obviously do not know you. Move on.

I made up my mind to stop knocking on the door that never opens. To stop listening to empty words. And to finally Move on to knocking on other doors.

and so the Adventure begins! Excited about the adventures coming this year!

Big Adventures Ahead -


I don't spend enough time staring at the stars at night. Never Stop Looking Up by Lamplighter London. Watercolour and calligraphy design donated to We Smile High for charity.

Nie żyje się, nie kocha się... #Jan-Paweł-II, #Wojtyła-Karol,  #Miłość, #Życie

Nie żyje się, nie kocha się... #Jan-Paweł-II, #Wojtyła-Karol, #Miłość, #Życie

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