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Kasia Solarska

Kasia Solarska
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jasmin ziegler

Beautiful composition of many elements: the movements of the horse and the horse itself, but also the background and involving the details on the foreground. Also the use of the nature in this picture makes it beautiful: the sunshine and the water.

For the love of riding.

You love your horse that is why theft is always a concern for horse owners. While you can’t be with your horses 24 hours a day, you can be proactive and minimize the risk of equine theft. Find out how

Horse Girls Know How to Handle Sh*t! http://www.equestrianprofessional.com/public/1296.cfm

Horse Girls Know How to Handle Sh*t! We also don't take it from our 1200 lbs animals so what makes you think we will tolerate yours.

Wild Horses Utah Onaqui Herd

Photographs in this gallery are of various mustangs fighting. All of these photographs are of mustangs in the Onaqui herd of wild horses in Utah’s west desert.