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Kasia Paliwoda

Kasia Paliwoda
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Back acne is not a good look for us...here's how to get rid of it

A good way to get rid of bacne before prom This is a really simple step – all you have to do is fill a bathtub full of hot water and mix in drops of tea tree oil (helps to kill any outside infection) and a cup of sea salt (a natural exfoliator).

face steamer

The cause of most coughs is easy to pinpoint: Colds, flu, allergies, dry air. How to get rid of them? Most people reach for over-the-counter meds, yet studies have shown that cough medicines don’t really do any good.

Reason why your Stomach Hurts

Abdominal pain is not harmful in most of the situations, but on the contrary side, in some cases it may be the sign of a severe disease. If you know to identify the exact location of the pain in yo…

How to use baking soda to whiten your armpits

Do you have dark armpits? Read this article and find out why you got them and most importantly, how to bleach them using these natural mixtures you can do by yourself at home. See what techniques really work to lighten dark underarm skin!