kasia miotke

kasia miotke

kasia miotke
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#AKIRA |[] by OTOMO KATSUHIRO 大友 克洋 [] coverartwork by #AshThorp

Here is a ROUGH color comp that I am playing with. I am going to try and push some dramatic lighting but with a limited pallet. I like to do these quick 20 min color comps to figure out everything.


Trying to figure out how I like doing comics! I feel like I get a better idea of the live area I have if I draw it traditional first… And as always, I love to color. Concept is from a boring Lupin comic I’ll never finish because I have bigger,.


żółty* is such a nice polish word when you think about it, so common and simple yet elegant, i'm adding it to my top 10 words with a rati.