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mój projekt domu po zmianach — H O U S E L O V E S

mój projekt domu po zmianach — H O U S E L O V E S

desire to inspire - desiretoinspire.net

Small modern office features a cabinets and shelves suspended over a white lacquered desk and modern desk chair placed next to a small built-in reading nook lit by a white modern swing arm sconce.

...should I need a clever idea as a result of small space + many visitors OR small space + many children (??!?!?)(yikes!)

two twin beds. A curtain hung from that cute heading would disguise your "bedroom" if you chose. A curtain would work above as well for either a bed or built in shelves and hanging space for your clothing; I really love the idea of deep, built-in beds

perfect for a small space!

breakfast nook idea for kitchen - salvage a lower/wider radiator to fit underneath a bench seat or on North window corner between the refrigerator cabinet and farm sink?