ACTIVE WALL: This is a part of the wall that can be used in everyday life. This is very different because of that aspect, you can touch it and move it, and even work with it. They are great in childrens rooms, for they can play with it yet it remains in one place.

25 Handmade Gifts for Toddlers (or Preschoolers)

An idea for Tom to build for me for any students with fine motor difficulties and a fun activity for our grandkids. Homemade busy board for fine motor skill development - this is heaven for a curious kid!

Busy Board Farm Activity Board Sensory Board by Woodledoodleshop

Wooden Eco Friendly Busy Board For Toddler Kids Toy Natural Gift For Boy Handpainted Montessori Game Organic Fine Motor Skills Board Colored

Our busy board is an exciting handmade educational toy. This toy is suitable for kids and toddlers. It will be the best thing for developing fine motor skills of baby fingers. Suitable for toddler from 8 months old, when your child have learnt to sit and are showing interest to other home things. This board …

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