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Keep your cables tidy with Sugru

Prevent your headphone from tangling by wrapping Sugru around a pencil, resulting in a spiral that keeps your headphone tangle free.

Add cable hooks to your charger with Sugru and make it easier to store

MacBook Transformer charger doesn't have the hooks for easy cable storage - but with Sugru, you can create them, and make the storage of it tidy and neat.

Use Sugru to repair broken/frayed lace ends.

If you've got a pair of trainers with broken/frayed lace ends (aglet's) then this is a perfect project for using up your leftover Sugru and to make your laces look less ratty. Sugru and a pair of shoes in need of some TLC.

Sugru Locker Shelf                                                       …

I needed a another shelf for my locker, but school rules state that you are not allowed to put anything permanent in your locker. Since Sugru sticks to most.

Picture of Attaching a GPS device using sugru & magnets

Discover how to keep your phone and GPS device just where you need them in the car, using the Sugru magnet kit.