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The Doctor and his 'kids'!

I love how he's holding Rose, and River's on his back, and Sarah Jane is older than the rest of them, and she's holding and Amy and Rory are holding hands, and Jack is hugging the Doctor but Donna is hugging Jack and Martha keeps the TARDIS safe. so cute

Amelia Pond. Like a name from a fairy tale.

The girl who waited. I can imagine this is what happened after Angels in Manhattan. He went back to hug his little Amelia Pond one last time.just rip out my heart, why don't you?


I do love me some David Tennant, but Christopher Eccleston got me hooked, and Matt Smith just has so many great quirks.and look poor jack has to answer the question when he knows all three of them are the real doctor


Day favorite companion: the Ponds. they're married so they only count as one XD theirs is the best romance I have ever seen. and what they do for 11 & how much they love him! and the fact that they're his parents-in-law XD wibbly wobbly!