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Kasia Dobosz Photograph

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justyna behind the scene | Kasia Dobosz

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The blue one is hanging in my studio:) it's time to make biscuit beige one:)

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You know all those things you've always wanted to do? You should go DO THEM:)

Celebrate your beauty! Celebrate you! Exist in photographs! Because fifty is fabulous!

Celebrating beauty. Pure, innocent and fabulous!

prezentacja zdjec z sesji kasia dobosz | Kasia Dobosz

Three fabulous ladies have celebrate their relationships and have their classic black on black Dior inspired family portrait taken.

I'll be the anchor that keeps your feet on the ground. And I will be the wing that keeps your head in the clouds.

What a day! Magda is amazing woman full of energy and good vibes:) I love every picture I made for her:)