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Maedhros "There will be blood"

Gold-Seven on deviantART : Jenny Dolfen is one of my favorite Tolkien artists, especially for Silmarillion-inspired work. Mmm, those crazy Fëanorians.

For the people on Team Melkor.  ;)

I wouldn't call myself Team Melkor but of course the people on this board(like Mairon) are.

flying_bat.jpg 640×426 pixels

flying_bat.jpg 640×426 pixels

Thranduil, Legolas, Hobbit 3, Lee Pace, Tolkien, Lotr, Middle Earth, Wizards, Woodland, The Lord, Rings

Thranduil by onisakiakika on deviantART

And in that moment, Thranduil looked on in horror, as his beloved was consumed by dragon fire. <<<what is this, I don't need more Thranduil feels