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Cardio Core Workout #strong #fitness #flatbelly

Try this hardcore Cardio Core Workout to develop tighter, toned abs you'll love showing off this summer. John & Heather Making fitness & nutrition fun and easy so it becomes a natural way of life!

23 Incredible Yoga Instagrams That You Need To Be Following!

Sometimes you have to actively unwind to truly rest up, and a bit of mellow yoga could be your ticket to more restful sleep. This sequence, created

20 creative ways to give new life to old things

Cutlery wine steward *lol* - looks like a great idea for presentation of a bottle of wine. Solder together 3 spoons & 2 forks. (via furnishburnish) . will have to learn soldering, would love to do a few of these!

Get the best skin of your life in 2015!

Be honest: you maybe didn't have the best skin care habits in Perhaps you went to bed with makeup on, popped a few pimples, and even skipped sunscreen (tsk-tsk! But a new year is all about new (Best Skin Care)