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The Zookeeper's Wife is a new film that tells the story of Antonina and her husband Jan Żabiński. The Żabińskis owned a private zoo in Warsaw, in the and helped smuggle 300 Jews out of the deadly Warsaw ghetto hiding them in their villa at the zoo.

Daniel Brühl

Fuck Yeah Brühl - bringing you closer to the fantastic German/Spanish actor Daniel Brühl! Main tags: photoshoots, movies, events Daniel & awesome people Ask something

Daniel Bruhl - Hello Mein Engel! Sorry I have not pinned for a while but so busy - not for lack of love - can't wait for Face of An Angel!

Daniel Bruhl - Ok, so after Civil War, my friend turns to me and goes "Ok, didn't the bad guy play a Disney prince once?" and we looked Daniel up and it turns out that we were both remembering the cinema fire scene from Inglorious Basterds lmao

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During WWI and WWII, German Shepherd Dogs in Great Brittain were called Alsatian Wolf Dogs or simply Alsatians because they didn't want the stigma of the word "German" attached to the breed because of the war. Nazi with his companion

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