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Potter's family and the Marauders by Lefantoan

I think this fandom likes tearing out my heart. One of the first things I notice is how Peter pettigrew is standing in the corner away form the group.

Dobby und Hedwig 6 x 13 Kunstdruck von mellowattage auf Etsy

Dobby has your owl, sir! Harry Potter fan art featuring Dobby and Hedwig was initially painted for Toronto Fanexpo by Mellowatt / Mellowattage.

Ahem, Scorpius . . . by ~Dendraica on deviantART. Scorpius finds the pet of his dreams - a white ferret

by ~Dendraica on deviantART. Scorpius finds the pet of his dreams - a white ferret that is his dad Draco the amazing bounceing ferret

> you make me feel a little less alone <

We finally had a shooting of our The Foxhole Court cosplays, it was fun. This is Andrew speaking, Neil is pissing me off. Saria as Neil Ellyana as Andrew

Viking or Dwarven Beard Hat  TotallyStitching, etsy

Now this is a crochet beard pattern! Ravelry: Viking or Dwarven Beard pattern by Melissa Campbell. I might 'grow' a beard too!

“You know,” I answered with some emotion, for I have never seen so much of Holmes’s heart before, “that it is my greatest joy and privilege to help you.” - Dr. Watson, The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

sherlock martin freeman john watson graphics: all graphics: sherlock

Severus Snape

After all this time? "Always." Severus Snape looking at his doe Patronus, the same Patronus of Lily Potter.