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an anime character is in the water with his arms out and eyes wide open,
Profile: Carson age 12
two people sitting on the ground with their hands in the air and one person standing behind them
Handa & Naru [Barakamon] ❤
an anime character holding onto another character's hair
Naru & Seishuu | Barakamon
an anime scene with two people in the background and one person holding his head up
Hiroshi's blood being sucked by 'Sensei'! Sei, Hiro and Naru. Barakamon.
two anime characters one is holding the other
Barakamon Image by INstockee #1782174 - Zerochan Anime Image Board
INstockee, Barakamon, Kotoishi Naru, Handa Seishuu, Carry On Shoulder, Paint On Face
an anime character with blonde hair posing for the camera and holding his hand on his shoulder
a group of people laying on top of a floor next to each other in front of a window
Barakamon ~~ Napping on a hot summer afternoon :: Seishuu, Hiroshi, Naru, etc.
an anime poster with many people standing around and one sitting on the ground in front of them
Barakamon (Seishu Handa, Naru Kotoishi, Hiroshi Kido, Tamako Arai, Takao Kawafuji, Kousuke Kanzaki, Akihiko Arai)
Satsuki Yoshino, Kinema Citrus, Barakamon, Hiroshi Kido, Akihiko Arai
an anime scene with two people and one person laying on the floor in front of a window
Barakamon ~~ Oh my. :: Seishuu, Naru, and Hiroshi
an anime scene with two women and one man in front of a door, the woman is screaming
Barakamon ~~ A demonstration of Cause and Effect :: Naru terrifies Hiroshi with a cicada shell. Hiroshi, in turn, squishes Seishuu as he scrambles backwards. Seishuu's cheeks puff up as he is crushed. LOVE IT!
a woman's face is shown with her nose open
Barakamon ~~ Poor Hiroshi. He brought dinner for Sensei, yet it's Naru who is slurping up the noodles.
an image of a group of people posing for the camera with their hands in the air
Barakamon Image by Yoshino Satsuki #1753368 - Zerochan Anime Image Board
Yoshino Satsuki, Barakamon, Handa Seishuu, Yamamura Miwa, Arai Tamako, Kido Hiroshi
a group of people standing next to each other in front of a pink background with flowers
barakamon on Tumblr
Barakamon ~~ Tama tries to scoot Hiroshi closer to Seishuu who has his arms full already with Naru and Hina. Awwwe! Good for her!
two young men standing next to each other in front of a blue sky with clouds
Barakamon ~~ Seishuu and Hiroshi :: I want more fanart for this series generally speaking. For this pair, especially so.
two people standing next to each other with sunflowers on their shoulders and holding swords
Баракамон / Barakamon - Аниме сериалы - Видео
Barakamon ~~ Ready for battle... against garden pests! :: Seishuu Handa, Hiroshi Kido, and Naru